James Shaffer


James is driven to create opportunities and value for all the members of the Corridor community.

James was drawn to Corridor for its entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities to learn from veterans of the commercial real estate industry. James is responsible for analyzing the broad swath of deal flow that comes across his desk, and is instrumental in creating a targeted pipeline of the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities across asset classes and through market cycles. James also supports other areas of the business including investor relations, property management, and asset management.

Prior to Corridor, James worked for a private mortgage originator with a focus on the orderly liquidation of distressed loan pools to compensate bondholders of MBS products.  Before this, he received a BS in Finance from the Martha & Spencer Love School of Business at Elon University.

James is passionate about creating a culture where all team members are involved and have the power to grow. He is most proud of creating meaningful relationships and to work for a company where both his peers and leadership care about each other and the mission.

Meet Our Team

The Corridor Team is a seasoned group of real estate investors with entrepreneurial mindsets.

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