Nancy Salisbury

Investor Relations

Nancy is committed to providing the highest quality support to all Corridor team members, partners, and investors. 

Drawn by the opportunity to work for what was – at the time – a small entrepreneurial company, Nancy joined Corridor in 2008. She began as part of a team that was developing an efficient and integrity-based back office. Through the years, Nancy’s responsibilities have grown and deepened. She has played many key roles, working in Human Resources, as Benefits Manager, Office Manager, and Technical Support for both the corporate offices and off-site locations. 

The broad operational knowledge and multi-faceted experience Nancy has acquired within Corridor informs her work today, providing stellar Investor Relations. Aligning with the directives of the Business Development Team, Nancy is working to shape the investor experience, providing the proper tools to make it efficient, informative, and frictionless. She is focused on creating seamless investor onboarding, optimizing data integration, and maximizing the organization of all investment information. 

Nancy has also been instrumental in the development of Corridor’s user-friendly Investor Portal, allowing investors 24/7 access to their investment portfolio, payments, and banking options.

Nancy is proud of her long track record with the company and the opportunity she has had to contribute to a culture that reflects the company’s core values. She’s committed to providing unwavering, reliable, support to the Corridor community. And she looks forward to strengthening communication and collaboration across all levels of the Corridor team, supporting thorough and thoughtful decision-making processes.

Meet Our Team

The Corridor Team is a seasoned group of real estate investors with entrepreneurial mindsets.

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