Dan Joseph

Principal and Co-founder of Corridor Ventures

Dan is driven to energize opportunity and unleash potential across all of Corridor’s companies, projects, and relationships. 

His professional journey began in finance and marketing, and has evolved into over 30 years of experience as a founder and leader of multiple companies. Dan co-founded Corridor Ventures in 2003 and with Hagan Brown has created a dynamic and multi-faceted enterprise whose intention is to enable anyone that Corridor touches to experience a “super-compounding” life — one that realizes its true potential.

At Corridor, Dan can be counted on for his creative energy, his entrepreneurial vision, and an understanding of the possibilities inherent in every opportunity. He creates processes around strategy and investment decision-making that enable the outsized returns Corridor is known for. He’s also been integral in building a set of principles and core values that support Corridor’s culture of pride, collaboration, and results-driven orientation. 

Dan is proud that he has worked to make the lives of those Corridor has committed to and connected with better— especially investors, team members, and joint venture partners.  Dan believes that when people entrust you with their hard-earned capital and their personal and professional success, you offer them the highest level of integrity and a deep commitment to great outcomes. Corridor structures its process of operating and managing assets to make good on their “investor-first” ethos. Corridor also lives its belief that success is dependent on committed team members and partners. Corridor’s culture and platform are for people who want to dream big and be involved in something special.

Dan is focused on building a best-in-class team, creating new partnerships, expanding capital, and building businesses that will succeed and endure. He’s recently led the launch of Apparent Capital, a unique stand-alone real estate investment vehicle designed to create value by compounding capital over the long run.

Meet Our Team

The Corridor Team is a seasoned group of real estate investors with entrepreneurial mindsets.

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