Personal service and ongoing communications to keep investors informed and engaged

Our investor relations team provides personalized service to our Corridor and our business partner’s investors throughout the investment lifecycle.  From new investment opportunity communications and onboarding paperwork to regular reporting and ongoing distributions, our investor relations team builds lasting partnerships. To deliver this level of experience, our approach includes:
  • One-on-one introduction and interview process
  • “Investor-first” approach to investment selection
  • Personalized communication and attention throughout the onboarding process
  • Detailed information regarding investment opportunities
  • Individualized support tailored to each investor’s needs during the subscription process
  • Periodic reporting and tax documentation
  • Specialized support for investors who leverage Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Ongoing investor education via open forum meetings
In addition to these types of personal service, we also provide seamless communication through our state-of-the-art investor portal that allows for 24-7 access, reporting and messaging.

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