Hagan Brown

Principal and Co-founder of Corridor Ventures

Hagan has a passion for partnerships—years of relationships have taught him that success ultimately starts and ends with teamwork.

Hagan has a diverse real estate background with over twenty years of experience in team building, organizational team structuring, and real estate investment strategy.  In 2002, he launched New England Realty Management, his first real estate acquisition and management company. The success of NER inspired Hagan’s co-founding of Corridor Ventures, along with Dan Joseph, and NER’s platform became a driving force for Corridor’s launch.

As a Principle and business leader Hagan focuses on strategy and innovation among Corridor’s teams and has direct oversight of Corridor’s business development strategy and real estate portfolio. Over the past 10 years, he’s led Corridor’s results-driven transformation with a true balance between team and partnership development, and the evolution of a real estate investment strategy that’s been integral in building Corridor into the successful real estate investment platform it is today. 

Hagan is committed to setting the stage for creative work and giving the Corridor team the “space” to think freely, experiment and continue to challenge themselves.  Hagan is the calm in the chaos, someone you can count on for a steady hand and a calming perspective. As a leader, Hagan creates conditions that have the entire team willing to reach further, to take a posture of “why not me”, to share what stands in their way, and to more fearlessly pursue what matters to them and Corridor.

A Syracuse University graduate and a West Hartford, CT native, Hagan sits on several local Boards and is actively involved in the community and volunteers both his time and expertise to various non-profit organizations.

Meet Our Team

The Corridor Team is a seasoned group of real estate investors with entrepreneurial mindsets.

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