Corridor Announces the Purchase of Crossing Place in College Station, Texas

Crossing Place property

Corridor Ventures and Collegiate Quarters Management (“CQM”) are pleased to announce the acquisition of Crossing Place, a 384-bed student housing property located in College Station, Texas. The property is situated 1.5 miles from the center of Texas A&M University, one of the largest academic institutions in the United States.

The College Station market is a strong growth market with a population that is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Texas A&M University has the largest single-campus enrollment in the nation, featuring top-tier SEC Division I athletic programs, and strong enrollment growth projections. The property is well-positioned to capitalize on the strong demand for student housing in the market.

Corridor and CQM are experienced sponsors, owners, and operators with a proven track record in the student housing industry. We are excited to add Crossing Place to our portfolio, as a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to the student housing market. The property will be managed by The Preiss Company, a leading institutional student housing manager. We look forward to working with CQM and Preiss to create a great living experience for students at Texas A&M and deliver value to our investors.

About Corridor Ventures
Corridor Ventures is a real estate investment and operating firm that creates unique opportunities to invest in real estate and adjacent assets, with a sharp focus on aligning our interests with those of our partners. The company is led by a seasoned team of real estate investors with a 20-year track record of delivering outsized returns on over $1 Billion in investments across a variety of asset classes and geographies through thoughtful acquisition, development, and asset management.

About Collegiate Quarters Management
Collegiate Quarters Management (CQM) is an owner, operator and developer of student housing assets. CQM seeks to identify properties that offer the potential for value enhancement through operational efficiencies, renovation and market repositioning.

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