Fast and efficient service with controlled cost

Apartment communities require dedicated attention to several key maintenance areas. Without proper management, a community can quickly become overwhelmed with deferred maintenance items such as interior repairs, common area upkeep, mechanical system maintenance, and landscaping. These items can significantly affect resident retention and leasing curb appeal. 

Corridor Property Management understands the importance of quality maintenance and takes key steps to manage its owners' apartment communities. 


Our "We Care" Maintenance promise is implemented at each community, guaranteeing our residents:

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Coverage
  • 24 Hour Response Time on Regular Maintenance
  • Consistent Communication on Special Projects/Repairs

Our residents find comfort in knowing that there is a quality, caring team to respond to their maintenance needs quickly, improving resident retention and satisfaction. 


Corridor staff completes inspections frequently to identify and correct maintenance items that could become a larger issue in the long run. Interior apartment inspections ensure we are holding residents accountable for taking care of the property and resolve issues that could lead to more expensive and time consuming repairs if not addressed. 

We use a cloud-based mobile friendly platform to obtain accurate, efficient inspection data that can be analyzed for several different needs.


Our company carefully evaluates vendors and establishes regulations to retain them, including a 3-bid standard and insurance requirements for all approved vendors. Our community managers work directly with our accounting team to ensure work is fully completed before we pay vendors, which reduces the risk to the community and provides for quality services. 

Because of our wide portfolio, we are also able to compare costs throughout various markets and negotiate with vendors to obtain the best pricing.